photo Bruce Webber.

“Beth Levine was an influential free spirit. There is nothing that I like more than seeing a creation coming from pure fun and pleasure, and this is always the case with Levine’s refreshing work. God bless her for that!”—Christian Loboutin

Born a simple farm girl in 1914, Levine would go on to become an icon in the fashion world for her extraordinarily innovative shoe designs. She developed the ingenious “Spring-o-lator” to keep backless shoes from slipping off the foot, and championed unusual materials like vinyl, acrylic, and Lurex. Even her more traditional shoes were celebrated for their elegant silhouettes and perfect fit. Known for introducing the mule, stiletto, and fashion boot to the American market, Levine drew inspiration from nearly every realm of life; nature, patchwork quilts, and race cars were but a few of her muses.

Levine’s sensational footwear was donned by first ladies Patricia Nixon, Lady Bird Johnson, and Jacqueline Kennedy, as well as celebrities from Barbara Streisand to Shirley MacLaine to Marilyn Monroe.

Her passion, craftsmanship, and impeccable taste made Levine a stand-out among shoe designers at a time when the industry was completely dominated by men.

Beth Levine Shoes, the first book ever published on this bold and influential designer, is a revelation for anyone who love shoes (and who doesn’t?).